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From wild to mild in 100 days

Viska was a 5 year old wild mustang mare from Divide Basin, Wyoming. When I picked her up she was nothing but a four digit number with a knotted mane, dull coat and no life in her eyes. The journey with her was incredible. Little by little she started trusting me more and more – the first day with a pet and some scratches, second day we took the tag off, third day I got the halter on. I played around with different types of desensitizing and eventually got the saddle on her. The first day I rode her was when she was 12 days from being wild. Since I had done so much preparation there was no bucking, no issues – honestly a pretty boring session, just like I like it to be! If there is too much action such as bucking, rearing, biting and striking, chances are that your trainer does not communicate very well.

During our 100 days together Viska completely transformed, her coat got shiny, no more tangles and the life and curiosity started coming back in her eyes. I did everything with her, obstacles, trail rides, mounted shooting, barrels, cows and much more. I wanted her to be well rounded and ha horse with no holes in her training. The thing I was most proud to bring out in her was her curiosity. At the end of my training with her she wanted to go up and smell or touch everything that scared her instead of spooking and I love that quality.

Competition weekend came; my mother flew in from Sweden just to see me compete over the weekend. I cried happy tears as I picked her up at the airport. Viska was a rockstar, we did well in the handling and conditioning class and took 8thplace. Trail class was next and we aced it and won!! That was one of the proudest moments in my life, no doubt. We made top ten and stood there with nine other trainers that did this for a living, and here I was, just a rookie in the game. Ironically I got awarded Rookie Champion too. After it all was said and done I ended in 5thplace over all (3rdbefore the finals) and my biggest goal got accomplished – Viska got a great new home. She now lives with an older couple that completely adores her. Viska has lots of grass and two horsey friends. I know you can not save everybody but I completely changed the life for Viska forever and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for it.


Thank you to the Wild Horse Rescue Center for letting me represent you in this competition and helping me along with Viska. Thank you to my Mentor during the time, Chezz Perlini with Rafter P Horsemanship.

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